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Do you accept prepaid credit cards?
Yes, we accept prepaid credit cards that operate on Visa and Mastercard circuits.

Is it safe to pay with a credit card?
It is perfectly safe to pay with a credit card because the communications between our website and the bank are coded and cannot be traced by third parties.

If I leave my cards data in storage can they be used by third parties?
No, our dealers cannot display your data in any way. Furthermore, it is possible at any time to cancel the data left in storage by entering your own account.

What forms of payment are allowed?
Credit cards are the accepted form of payment. Alternatively you can pay cash on delivery, that is cash without additional expenditure to the courier that hands over the merchandise.

Can I pay with Paypal?
Yes, we accept payments from your Paypal account.

Can I pay with cash on delivery?
Yes, for purchases and shipping on the Italian territory, Artcrafts give the possibility of pay cash on delivery: signify that you can be pay the exact amount in cash to courier when he consign your package without additional expenditure.

Can I pay with PostePay?
Sure, PostePay it’s a prepaid card that may be used on principal international Raceway. By looking at the logo on the rear side of you credit card you can verify wether it’s qualified for Visa/Visa Electron or Marstercard circuit.

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